Favorite Resources

Here are my favorites – enjoy!


Chapin Hall, Partner at SeilerSchindel, PLLC
Email: chall@seilerschindel.com

Need an Attorney in Minnesota?  Chapin Hall truly cares about his clients and he’s a man of great integrity.  Chapin can really go the distance for you – in his free time he climbs mountains!  I’d love to tell you more- just ask me.

True legal expertise. Made personal.

I deal with legal issues every day. But I understand that my clients don’t.

I realize that legal matters and even attorneys can be intimidating.

I want my clients to feel comfortable with me, and with the law.

I provide them with clear information, treat them with respect, and keep them informed about their case, every step of the way.



Money Bootcamp  by Denise Duffield-Thomas (affiliate link)

Money blocks can be an enormous barrier to success and we often don’t even know we have them. Denise leads you through powerful breakthroughs to catapult you to completely new levels of success!







Learn Techie Skills by The Techie MentorThe VA Techie Academy by The Techie Mentor (affiliate link)

The VA Techie Academy is your one-stop-shop for all the latest in technology training to enable you to meet the needs of your clients, whether you are a VA or another type of techie service provider. The training is relevant, current, user-friendly and completely at your own pace and at times most convenient to your lifestyle. It is updated as the specific technology changes so you’ll know you’re always training in real-time. The training is for real people, AND you don’t need to be a Brainiac or computer geek to understand and learn it.




TM- Learn To Be a VAThe VA Business Academy by The Techie Mentor (affiliate link)

If you’re wondering how to go from an experienced and talented employee to a sought-after virtual business owner, offering relevant and needed skills and tools to your clients, this is the place to make it happen! The Techie Mentor has compiled a complete business training package for you in The VA Business Academy. The VA Business Academy removes the guesswork and helps you launch quickly, with the confidence that both you and your clients will be successful! I highly recommend this professional training.